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            ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 AUTHENTICATED ENTERPRISE 中文



               There are 78 employees in our company. 30 of them get College degree or above. 12 of them have Senior technical title. 2 new products and 5 new technology have been developed in 2011.

               There are 5 gas chromatographs, 2 Automatic titration instruments and 1 Ultraviolet absorption spectroscopys in our laboratory. We also cooperate with several university laboratory where the AAS, NMR and etc. can be taken.

            Tel:0086-518-88109380 Fax:0086-518-88586088 Mobile:0086-13913128022(English) Email: sales@chemnk.com Website: http://www.huadian114.com

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